Painted Baby Bumps

Capture the beauty of your pregnancy forever, with a Pregnant Belly Casting. A keepsake your child will cherish for many years!

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Package Options/Pricing Information


Package 1: "The Works" Belly Casting - $175

All items needed for the casting will be brought to your desired location. This package includes a cast of your belly and breast, retouching for any imperfections, trimming to ensure stability for hanging, adding extra layers for sturdiness, sanding to ensure smoothness, priming to prepare for paint or decoupage and sealing to prohibit discoloration and damage.

         *Addition of hand(s) or shoulders is an additional $25

 Package 2: "Basic" Belly Casting - $125

All items needed to complete belly cast provided and brought to your desired location. This package includes a belly cast that's unfinished with no painting/decoupage/embellishments or decorating. This leaves the option for you to finish the cast to your desired look. 

Belly Cast Painting by Professional Artist (Optional)$50 - $75

After your belly casting is completed you can choose to have one of our professional artists finish with a beautiful painting customized specifically for you. Tell them what you have in mind, go over the details with the artist to ensure satisfactory results. Within a short allotted time you will have your finished work of art ready to hang in your baby's nursery. *We have several different professional artist to choose from each specializing in a different style. So there's guaranteed to be something for everyone.


Belly Casting Touch-Ups:  $75 - $125         

Have a belly casting done that you're not quite happy with? If so, we also offer a "Touch-Up" service to fix any imperfections that may have resulted in an inexperienced belly casting. Or maybe you would like to change the design of your older belly casting, to fit your child's' growth or change of room decor.