Painted Baby Bumps

Capture the beauty of your pregnancy forever, with a Pregnant Belly Casting. A keepsake your child will cherish for many years!

FAQ's : Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is the belly casting process?

A: Approximately 45 minutes to one hour from start to completion.


Q: Is belly casting painful?

A: No, there is no pain involved with belly casting.


Q: Can my friends/family be present during the process?

A: Yes, you can have as many people as you would like present, just remember parts of your body will be a little exposed during the procedure. So you will only want to have people around that you feel comfortable watching the process.


Q: Will I have to be naked during the process?

A: Absolutely not, the only thing that must be exposed is your belly, bra is optional.


Q: How long will it be before I can hang the belly casting?

A: Once the belly has gone through the finishing process, it's ready to hang immediately.


Q: Do I have to have my casting painted?

A: No, you can leave it plain white if you prefer, or you can decorate your casting yourself.


Q: How long do I have to wait for my belly casting?

A: Approximately 2-3 weeks, depending on the finish/art requested.


Q: What is the "finishing process?"

A: Your casting will have retouching for any imperfections, trimming to ensure stability when hung, extra layers of plaster are applied for sturdiness, sanding to ensure smoothness, priming to prepare for paint or decoupage and sealing to prohibit discoloration and damage.


Q: Do I have to pay the full amount up front?

A: No, we require 50% deposit to hold your desired date. The rest is due 2 weeks prior to your scheduled date.